According to many scientists, Ernst Quarries known as Sharktooth Hill to the public, are one of the most highly sought after locations for geological excavations! Enhance your student's education with this field trip packet. Your student will be able to record their educational experience on paper and use for a sample of their learning.


Number of worksheets: 5

Geared toward: PreK to Middle (3-13)


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Standards & Achievement:

TK- I can recite numbers 1-10. NS. 1.2

1st grade- I can add facts within 20. 1.OA.6

2nd grade- I can use hands-on experimentation to develop questions, hypotheses and make observations and conclusions based on fossils found during excavation.

3rd grade- I can give a report or share a story or experience with important details to help others understand. SL.3.4

4th grade- I can effectively participate in different types of discussions and with different people. SL.4.1 

5th grade- I can learn and understand the meaning of physical substances to solve real life situations, such as natural disasters or crisis situations due to excavating fossils.

6th grade- 6.1 I can describe what is known through archaeological studies by observing fossils found during the excavation process.

7th grade- 6.4 I can observe fossil evidence from rocks that help me understand the changes that have ocurred in earth throughout time.

8th grade- 5.3.8 .E.1 (Extinction) 


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Sharktooth Hill Ernst Quarries (Field Trip Packet)

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