Learn about table manners, and social graces with this field trip packet. Whether you are enjoying a dainty high noon tea, or a sit-down menu; etiquette plays an important role in how we treat others.  Can use this packet as an addition to your schooling, or you can pair it with a field trip!


Subjects Include: social studies, creative art, language arts


Number of pages: 12+


Lessons Include:

• table manners

• social etiquette

• table settings

• role-play


Charter School: Please write main parent name and email when ordering under 'add a note'.

Manners & Mindfulness (Field Trip Packet)

  • Digital file only.

    Format: pdf

    Size: 19MB

    *personal use only


    Acknowledgements and Agreements: You agree by downloading this packet that you will use all printables for your personal use only. You also agree that you will not share or reproduce in any form, whether through hard copy printed material, through digital form or social media; which might include sharing from your camera roll, email, text, or hosting on a website. You have permission to download for your own personal use, and print for your students field trip sample. Have a wonderful time!

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