Inspire your student to learn the history of spinning and weaving! In this simple and short lesson, your student will learn the process of creating hand-made textiles, the history of spinning, and early western pioneer spinning. We even included a printable for little learners (Prek/TK).

-history of spinning and weaving information sheet

-items needed to old-timey textiles (for little learners PreK-K)

-Comprehension questions

-Print copy work

-Cursive copy work

-'ing' words

-Southern California Field Trip Suggestions

-simple lesson

-no prep work

Note: This packet can be used for Knott's Berry Farm Learning.


Number of worksheets: 9

*plus history guide, and Southern California field trip suggestions 

Geared toward: PreK to 6th (3-12)


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History of Spinning & Weaving (Field Trip Packet)

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