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Yes, I decided to add another blog post and share my heart. Let me give you a total secret....actually it's not a secret at all. We can't do it all! And sometimes when we try we can loose a little bit of our sanity and grace. This is the case with me. If I have too much on my plate (although I'm a big gal I can take a big plate-lol)....I don't become very nice. I know my limits, but sometimes I can push it. Sound familiar?

I was inspired to make a lovely little breakfast out of frozen waffles and words. I set up the outdoor picnic table with some plates and a little ambiance, cooked up some sausage and eggs, and set it up in a buffet style. No, I don't do this all the time. But felt in my soul, I needed to reconnect with my family, and let them know I love them, forgive me for being harsh at times, the reason why I work so hard, they are first, etc.

Reconnecting doesn't have to include an elaborate meal. Maybe you'd like to reconnect by watching a movie, enjoying a day without phones, or creating something together. Or maybe you are like me, you use what you got, and warm up frozen waffles served up with a big dose of love and positive words.

Try stopping and reconnecting sometime with your kids....it's so sweet! Like syrup on waffles!

Here are the items I used just in case you like them and want to purchase:

(not sure if they will still have them)

Blue bin - Dollar Tree

Food cover - Aldi

Bowls and plates - Ross

Waterproof table cover - Bed, Bath & Beyond

Glass cups - Costco strawberry treat??

This citronella candle was purchased at Lowe's.



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