Who Are We? (Inspiration Education)

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

"It's Not What You Have, But How You Make Much Of What You Have."

- Inspiration Education

I thought with the new year starting, and many new families finding out about who we are, that it was time to share a little bit about how Inspiration Education was founded.

The image depiction above is a perfect representation of how we first began homeschooling. We did not have much. I had to get creative with what I had, or what was given to me, in order to home educate my kids. It was a time before I knew about the blessings of a Charter or even Pinterest! (I was a little clueless -lol)

Paper, scissors, glue, and tape were my best friends! As you see in the photo I made a track with painters tape in order to make a toy car track on the carpet. I would even write down words on paper and have them 'drive' their cars to word parking lots. It was what I called 'Inspiration Education.' I used what little I had and made it into something fun and creative.

My background in marketing and graphic design propelled me to create fun printables for the kids to use. I would get inspired by whatever we were learning, and create a thematic learning experience for them. Since our main business at the time was rare palms and tropicals, we would find ways to go out into nature and find free things to do. This is how our Field Trip Friday's came to be (or what we also call Family Friday's). Our favorite places were visiting botanical gardens or the zoo.

Sometimes, as homeschool parents we can feel a little inadequate. Many of us leave prominent jobs, set dreams and goals aside, or even come from a place of losing it all like we did in the crash of 2008. But that story and those gifts are part of the richness that we offer to our children's home education. I never knew that story of struggle, and pain, and using what I had because I couldn't afford books or curriculum; would become a way to help the homeschool community, and provide for our field trips!

Dare To Hope! Dare To Dream! Dare To Homeschool The Way You Think Best!

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you on one of our adventures!


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