Pumpkin Patch Field Trip Inspiration

It's that time again to enjoy fall colors, sweater weather, and all things pumpkin! Every season brings beauty and traditions for us, and one of them is visiting a local pumpkin patch.


Instead of giving you a long list of pumpkin patches....here are 5 of our high-demand pumpkin patch field trips.

1. Bates Nut Farm, San Diego County

We like this pumpkin patch because it is spacious and covered by many trees. Their maze is very fun, and the pumpkins they give as part of their educational or group tours is HUGE in comparison to other farms. And they are very friendly too. We do this patch yearly - come join us!

2. Tanaka Farms, Orange County

This is a new farm we are enjoying this month, but the reviews and positive feedback about this farm is many. They offer pumpkins and you-pick vegetables as part of their educational tours.

3. Live Oak Canyon, San Bernardino County

This farm offers educational tours for schools and homeschool groups that are close to the public. They offer a variety of entertainment and farm experience options; from pig races to tractors rides, and anything in between.

4. Peltzer Farm, Riverside County

This pumpkin patch is a favorite amongst locals. They offer: pig races, pony rides, working farm animals, tractor garden, train ride, gem mining, photo opportunities, etc. This one I enjoyed when my kids were younger.

5. Underwood Family Farms, Ventura County

We have yet to visit this farm, but the options and offerings they have seem so fun! Their fall harvest festival (on the weekends) is a beautiful mix of the following: corn maze, pig races, animal show, pumpkin house, live music and entertainment, pick-a-pumpkin, animal center, hay pyramid, bee barn, kids corral, fun hill, chicken show, combine slide, and more! You see what we are saying?....they have a lot!


From pumpkin read-alouds for younger children, to recipes older students can follow, to learning how to pick your best pumpkin; this playlist we created has something everyone can learn from.

Click >>>here<<< to enjoy!


October Calendar:

designed for little learners, and to create bonding and learning. Free for our homeschool friends!

Fall-Inspired Wall Art:

designed for an older student who enjoys decorating. It is much cheaper than purchasing a whole new frame. Simply print and place into a frame you have in your home.

8.5x11. Print onto card stock and frame. Free for our friends!

Pumpkin-Inspired Drink For Mama Punkin:

Pumpkin purée, banana, pie spice (ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger), almond milk, ice, and glorious whip cream in a fall-infused drink! Best part is that it is good for you! Note: I'm a 'feeler' when it comes to cooking.....so I feel what the recipe will end up becoming. lol. So maybe like....1 banana, 1/4 cup pumpkin purée, pie spice to taste, 2 cups almond milk, 1 cup ice. Tailor it to your taste buds. If you need to add honey....go for it!


Homeschoolers understand that when you have multiple children, every need is different, and coming up with ways to educate them that is unique to the student is key. This packet was designed to be paired with a field trip. I have something for the student who enjoys:

-early learning and motor skills

-to journal

-to cook

-to entertain

-to decorate

-to hypothesize (science)

-to measure (math)

-to socialize and use social media (diy - photo booth props)

-to study agriculture or entrepreneurial endeavors as a farmer

One packet to use for only $7, compared to several packets when purchasing from other sites. *This packet is free with our coordinated/hosted pumpkin patch field trips.

***If using school/charter funds, you can send a screenshot of your order, and we can send it before the charter pays! Email me at myinspirationeducation@gmail.com

Happy Fieldtripschooling!




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