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Galleons, and Damsels, and Pirates Oh My!

It is common knowledge that most kids are fascinated with pirates and pirate-paraphernalia. Is it their humorous way of communicating, or their intimidating looks? Is it their swashbuckling ways, or their seafaring knowledge? Or what about the magnificent treasures they find? I think it's all of it!

Here are some ideas to help your kiddos learn!


This book from DK is a wonderful addition to your library, and at under $15 I think very worth it! It contains a balance of visuals and information that will keep your youngest or older student entertained.

This book is really cute, and is a great read aloud for kids. It actually is very popular, and part of our homeschool library. PLUS, it's currently free on Audible!

Our next book recommendation is Pirateology! This 'ology' book series is certainly one that inspires the lifetime learner!


We love fun family learning in our home. We believe play should be an integral part of the homeschool dynamic when possible. Here are some picks we want to share with you and a little bit as to why we chose them.

This one is a little pricey, but the desired goal is great! Encourages language and social skills. Great game to also play on National Talk Like a Pirate Day! (note: we will be planning a group field trip on that day....join us!)

This one says the geared ages are 8-15, however, I think even highschool students and adults can enjoy it. Catan products are popular among aspiring historians or history buffs.

If your younger students like Monopoly, then Pirate-opoly is your board game.

And last but not least....to all my Disney fans....Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship is your game! Shiver-me-timbers!


We are currently planning our Seafaring September. Click here to see our calendar.

If you can't join us....use the below ideas. Please note: we will be adding more links this week if you would like to join us.*Charter funds accepted!



09/19/18-Pirates Dinner Adventure (Talk like a Pirate Day)

09/24/18-Maritime Museum San Diego (Mechanics of Seafaring)

09/28/18-USS Midway Overnight Adventure


Are you a Dis'er or a budding Imagineer? Well...me hearty....ye must learn at Disney!

-Pirates of the Caribbean ride

-Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island

-Sailing Ship Columbia


*This portion is coming soon. Will be updated.


Here are some purveyed ideas that can spur you or your child's interest in using their artistic capabilities.


In the past our family has had book parties. I will make another post about it! Here are is a classic book that we have read and immersed ourselves in the adventure!

-Treasure Island

If you are interested in signing up for our custom designed printable PIRATE PACKET, please send me an email to be notified when this has been made ready.

Happy Homeschooling,



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