Labor Day Inspiration

"The labor of what we create, build and harvest fuels our education and inspires our dreams." -National Calendar


Labor day is a day where men and women are recognized for their hard work and devotion to building this country whether it be raising a family, constructing a highway, or tending crops.

Labor day falls on the first Monday of each September.

Ushering the beginning of the fall, Labor day, marks the transition of the end of summer to the beginning of the 'holiday season'.

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•Labor day recognizes those who are hard at work in this country. Who is the hardest working person you know?

•Labor day is usually a day to spend with family and friends. How did you spend your holiday?

•Labor day also celebrates those in the military. Do you know anyone in the military? •Community workers/helpers include doctors, policemen, farmers, teachers, librarians, veterinarians, mechanics, and dentists. If you were to be any one of those which would you choose?

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