Homeschooling Is An Adventure

"Homeschooling is an adventure not a destination." Lyvett Chavez

After speaking and communicating to many new homeschoolers throughout the week, I was compelled to write a short blog of encouragement.

It is a common emotion among newbie schoolers to feel lost, overwhelmed, nervous, or even anxious when first beginning their home education journey. Where do I begin? What curriculum is best? How do I know what they are learning is right for their age or grade? What if I'm messing it all up?!! These are many of the same questions that come up. You are not alone in feeling this way!

My quick encouragement to you would be to realize homeschooling is an adventure! It is not a destination. You will have moments of scary curriculum creatures that lurk in a thick jungle of information. You will have moments where you are balancing on a tightrope of time and classes. You will have moments where you are parched and refreshing yourself in the waters of wisdom of homeschooling women (or men). The key is.....learning never is fluid and will change with every child, every stage, age, or even grade. There is no wrong way. If you are moving forward with what is best for you and your student, and focus on the adventure of finding the treasures of will be more at peace, and more enriched in the educational experience.

Learning is truly a lifestyle.....that is what we want to share.

You can do it! And you will!

Big Hug Fellow Homeschool Adventurer,

Inspiration Education


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