Homeschooling At Aquatica San Diego

We had a group field trip set up for the hottest day of summer so far! It topped off at 86 ° in Chula Vista while the sun was scorching in our neck of the woods at 114 °! So glad we decided to stay cool at Aquatica. It was our first time visiting, and even though it was busy, it was not disappointing. I really enjoyed myself there, and hope to visit and host another field trip there next year!


We decided to arrive about an hour before they opened, and lines were already building. The heatwave brought the crowds and also created havoc on the technology. They had only 1 parking entrance lane open because a computer was down. (And apparently there was also a public event nearby causing more unforeseen crowd issues.)

Once you get out of your vehicle, you head straight to the first entrance, which is where you get your bags checked. And yes, more lines! It's ok! The suspense is building to enjoy the refreshing waters!


Since I had a field trip, and don't like anyone waiting for me, I decided to be bold and ask if I can get in line to get our tickets. Score! They let me in, and was able to get my tickets in less than 5 minutes. Here is where you would get in another line to purchase your tickets. I'm pointing to where I check you in!


Now that you are set with tickets, you get in another line and enter the waterpark! The foliage makes it cooler and somewhat shady.


Check for online ticket offers. Sometimes they offer some really good deals for purchasing on their website.

There are 3 different sizes of lockers. We chose to purchase the smallest size ($14) and place only our most important items in there: cell phones, keys, wallet.

We also purchased 1 all day food wrist band, which allows you to get a meal every 90 minutes. Although, I only got food once (since it was so crowded and I needed a break), this would have been a good deal for us as a family of 5. Our purchase included a turkey leg and a soft drink. note: Disney's is better. lol


Coming back home after our day of adventure and water play, we chatted about what we can possibly learn about. Here is what my little ducklings came up with:

  1. How does the water travel from the bottom to the top?

  2. How do they make the waves in the wave pool?

  3. How do the lockers work? Is there a mathematical equation for all the possible codes there can be?

  4. Why don't you fall out of the slides? What keeps you down?

  5. Flamingos and Turtles

  6. Why is it important to stay hydrated on a hot day?

  7. What is the difference between hydration and dehydration?

  8. How does that huge water bucket work?

Many wonder how can you possibly consider a waterpark a field trip? You will be surprised when you get out of the curriculum box! Experiences enhance the education and the education enhances the experience. It is a synergistic relationship!


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Enjoy our video!

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