Cleaning Can Be Fun! (free printable)

There are times in our home when cleaning can be a pure drag, where complaints are in excess and so are the attitudes. Obviously, not the kind of family culture I want to have or cultivate. This is when the light bulb in my head turns on and! Inspiration!

I decided to create a printable series called THE INCREDIBLE FAMILY (iF). It will be a way to encourage excellence, honor, and team playing in the home. And my first printable in that series is for Target Cleaning. Some call it zone cleaning, but I like to add a little fun and pretend play....and BOOM Target Cleaning is born.


Print out our free printable here. Put it in a sheet protector and you can reuse!


Have a family meeting and decide what items need to be done in the Target areas.


Determine if you will clean-up as a team in the same area, or will assign targets to each family member.


Add your motivational theme music, and set a timer if you wish. Or maybe beat the music! Click here for our YouTube playlist picks.


Ready - get set - go! Hit your target by completing your clean-up.

*superhero capes optional


Group hug! Maybe some ice cream? No? That's just me then. Ha!

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