Books & The Fourth of July

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

I decided this that this fourth of July holiday I was NOT going to slave away in the kitchen like I normally do. I wanted a very delicious yet low maintenance menu. Since, I had time in the morning, I found myself standing in my patio looking at a lonely beach tent. It was begging me to be used. (Side note: I'm becoming a when in doubt I'm throwing out! However, I did not have the heart to do that with my lovely tent.) So, my lightbulb went on...and I thought....oh BOOKS! Of course!


1. Rename your tent/fort a really cool name. (I have done this since my kiddos were young. There are special powers in changing the name!) So, I called it a Book Adventure Boat!

2. Scavenge your house for books in the theme you want. In our case, we chose summer or water themed books. Make sure to place in a plastic container if keeping outside; this helps from the books being damaged by moisture or creatures.

3. My kids play with many toys they get, but when it comes to stuffed animals they go craaay-zyyy! I decided to add water dolphins, whales, sharks, etc., and I placed them inside an old Dollar Tree bin. The big lobster was from Aldi.

4. I had a spare little tin bucket from Hobby Lobby....added some pencils, pens, highlighters, paper clips, sharpener, and erasers.


Make Your Own Layer Dip

I normally have fun crafts and games for the holidays, but I'm so pooped this year. However, while I was at the grocery store my mama heart-strings were pulled and I had to come up with something. So in the chip aisle another lightbulb went on...and this delicious creation was on the menu. It is so easy, and your kiddos can customize it according to their culinary tastebuds.

Items you can set out:

-canned beans

-shredded cheese

-sour cream



-ground meat or shredded chicken


-green chiles

-tortilla chips

-shredded lettuce

The kiddos wanted to make a video! Here it is....enjoy! Happy Summertime!

BLOG UPDATE: Our new Instagram account is @fieldtripsandprintables.


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