3 Pumpkin Themed Book Suggestions

If you are 'pumped' for pumpkins this fall...lol...then here are some books you can read for your read-aloud time or book adventures! I like to keep blogs short for my readers, so here are 3 we have enjoyed.

Here is one book we were given called The Great Pumpkin Switch. This book is beautifully illustrated being told by a Grandfather to his great grandchild. It is a sweet reminiscent story of good 'ol times where a brother tries to make right an accident.

From Seed To Pumpkin is a book that teaches the lifecycle of a pumpkin seed. We have enjoyed this book for many years. You can also do the recipe and science experiment.

Too Many Pumpkins teaches how to make pumpkin-ade out of pumpkins....Ok....I know the cliche is "make lemonade out of lemons"....and that is what the main character of the story does. Rebecca absolutely abhorred pumpkins; soon to find out she inherited a plethora of them! What to do? What to do? You share the love, and bake! This is a book I recommend as a teaching tool about changing perspective. Even my 5th grader enjoys it.

And there you go! 3 books....easy peasy.

Here are additional suggestions you can find at your local library.

If you are feeling generous.....I would love it if you shopped from our links provided. A few cents here a few cents there....and your support adds up! Never pressure from me though!

Happy Fall-idays!

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