are born with

all the curiosity

they will ever need.

It will last a lifetime

if they are fed

upon a daily diet

of ideas."

-Charlotte Mason

Are you present at field trips? Any field trip or event we offer are 'parent-led'. A legal guardian or parent must be present and take full responsibility of student(s). If we do attend, we attend as fellow parents/homeschoolers.

Do you offer custom field trips? Yes we do! Simply click on here and follow the steps.

Can I invite family members or friends? We encourage you to invite family members or friends as long as they purchase through the same cart system and not directly from venue, as we take account everyone in party to achieve our minimum or maximum numbers.

Can I book a group field trip through you? Yes you can! Most venues require between 10-15 people in your party. Let's connect

Are you a vendor with a Charter? Yes, we currently are a vendor with Inspire. If you would like for us to be a vendor please have your enrichment department contact us.

​What makes you different from other vendors? First and foremost we are a homeschool family (and I'm a homeschool mom). There are many great vendors to choose from. Can one really say what ice cream is best? However, these key factors make us unique:

  • Field Trip specific resources and inspiration

    • Social Media (Facebook/Instagram

    • Blog Posts

    • Vlog Videos

  • Fun community opportunities

    • fun themes woven into field trips to get students excited about education​

    • freebies offered (printables, field trips, fun stuff)

    • field trip specific group

    • on-site learning adventures designed into packets

  • Graphic Designer to create custom learning

    • custom designs made for field trips

    • teacher inspired learning materials​ for Charters

    • we understand the heart of homeschool and design printables accordingly

    • Illustrated worksheets (enhancements)

  • Thematic printables

    • themes for learning fun

    • multi-age and multi-grade thematic packages

  • Thematic Calendars • Resource Guides

    • some of our printables contain resource guides and calendars

  • Resource pairings with field trips

    • arts & crafts

    • books

    • science experiments

    • lesson plans

  • Educational Services

    • we offer a free chat option if you are needing some field trip inspiration

    • we offer experiences and help you pair them to your education

  • Travel with our sister company Fun Family Travel​

    • we also help families with travel, cruises, or staycations​

    • out-of-pocket only experiences and trips

What makes your educational packets different from other vendors? Our educational enhancements (0r educational packets/printables) are created and designed with homeschooling students in mind. We use all forms of learning applied to the designs, so they inspire and motivate a child to learn in a fun and engaging way. 

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