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"Children understand and remember concepts best when they learn from direct personal experiences." -Joseph Cornell

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A walk in time through California history

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From January-June 2020


Rich in content and varied in subjects. We will be offering learning schedules that will meet with California standards.


Our class schedules will immerse the student in the learning and foster their ability to grasp concepts according to their learning style.


Making connections in a social and educational enviornment will help student's associate their learning with every day life skills.


When children are inspired to learn they naturally understand the concepts and develop an appetite to learn more! Our classes help build upon that.

Q & A

1. Are we required to commit to all classes?

No. You sign up for as little or as much as you would like. However, keep in mind that once you sign up there are no cancellations. Make sure the location and date/time work with your schedule. We also recommend signing up before the class is full.

2. Where are the class locations?

Every location is different depending on the subject matter that we will be studying. We desire children to experience the learning in a hands-on environment. All classes are located within Southern California and many are led by certified docents or credentialed in education.

3. Can parents attend?

Yes. We require a main chaperone to attend all classes. There are no drop-offs.

4. Are parents required to pay?

All our classes include 1 free chaperone. Some locations will differ and might allow more than 1 free chaperone. If you desire to add-on an additional adult or child out of pocket we will have that option with each class.

5. What is the subject or theme of the classes?

Each semester we will have a theme to participate in that meets California Standards and inspires students to learn naturally.

6. Can siblings attend?

Yes and No. Many of our classes will incorporate learning as a family with multi age groups and grades, however on occasion, certain age groups will be opened to the class. Please note that our heart is to help families/friends connect together so we will work hard to provide locations that allow all grades to be present.

7. Is there a registration fee?

No. There is no registration fee, however, once you sign up there are no refunds. So please make sure you can attend. In the instance that you have signed up and there is an emergency situation, please speak with the education director.

8. Are materials included?

Yes! We will custom design materials that can be used to enhance your student's learning. Our materials can also be used as your student's learning sample for their charter school.

9. Do you accept educational funds for your classes?

Yes! We are powered by Homeschool Concierge and they handle all our payment processing for our Education Experience Class Program. They are a vendor with many charter schools. When you click the sign-up button it will take you to which schools are currently available for funds. 

10. Why should we sign up for Education Experience Classes?

Glad you asked! We want to offer consistent educational opportunities for both families and student's to enjoy together. Where many classes are geared for a certain age group, our opportunities want to embrace the homeschool family as a whole. We also help friends learn together on a consistent basis.


In a nutshell:

  • family learning opportunities

  • friends can join and learn with your student

  • inspiring themes & printables

  • varying locations to keep it fun

  • consistent monthly opportunities

  • no registration fees

  • hands-on and active learning

  • includes all levels (most classes)

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